• RE: part validity & Datasheet

    Hi Bharti,

    The LTM4668 is not yet released. Once the part is released, the datasheet will be available.


  • LTM4668A not availabile in LTpowerCAD

    The LTM4668A web page https://www.analog.com/en/products/ltm4668a.html#product-tools indicates that there are models for LTpowerCAD. I have downloaded the latest version and sync'ed but the LTM4668A or the LTM4668 do not seem to be available.


  • RE: LTM4668A datasheet vs LTPowerCAD

    Hi RKR,

    Please sync release for LTPowerCad as some changes have been implemented:

    1) Standard default switching frequency is 2.25MHz for LTM4668A

    2) The switching frequency can now be changed to mimic an external switching frequency source (window of…

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