• RE: Converting dBFS to dBm with an SDR receiver based on the LTC2145-14 clocked at 125 Mhz

    Hello Clarence,

    I am actually using two different analogue front-ends with  two LTC2145-14 circuits. Each have a different behavior when I select an input range of 1V peak to peak instead of 2V peak to peak. I am trying to understand if this difference…

  • RE: AD9637 DC shift at different clock frequencies

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for the schematics. I've asked the LTC6403 experts to have a look at the amplifier portion.

    I see that the VOCM pin of the LTC6403 is 1.1V. Does the following represent what is being applied to the ADC inputs?

    Thank you.


  • RE: .file_attr 1="1";

    Hi Gideon,

    Sorry for the delay in responding.

    The cause of the problem is "-file-attr CORE0" and "-DCORE0" both being included on the compiler command-line. Could you delete CORE0 from the "Additional attributes" in Tools Settings > CrossCore Blackfin…

  • LTC6810-1

    Application Question for LTC6810 and similar parts.  It's not required to use the discharge capability of these devices is it?  If not, what do you do with the unused pins.  I didn't see anything in the data sheet pertaining to this question. 


  • ADA4940-1 and AD7982 connection


    In ADC and driver simulation tool, there is only one option "INVERT" for ADA4940-1 connecting to AD7982. I don't want my ADC reading reverse. Can I cross connection, which means  ADA4940-1 Out+ connecting to AD7982 In-, while ADA4940-1…

  • ADA4432-1 video switch

    Hello everyone.

    Is it possible to use ADA4432-1 video amplifier in video switch configuration using enable pin, in other words does disabling the device makes output high-impedance? I used this configuration with ADA4830-2, and it works perfectly, but…

  • LTC3108-1


    We are working on PoC based on LTC3108-1. We wish add a LED for visual monitoring, LTC3108 is not able to supply a suffisient current to drive the LED.

    Could we use C2 input for drive an external Mosfet (low Qg) ?



  • LTC6813-1 DCC0

    Hi, I am taking evaluation test on the LTC6813-1 demo board, but I do not understand why DCC0 is used for GPIO9? If I want to use GPIO9 as a digital output pin, should I control it through DCC0 or GPIO9 bit?

  • RE: LTC3882-1 issue


    Per the status word (0x79), channel 0 is fine. I do not see a reason for its output to momentarily go low. Here are some suggestions:

    • If 3.3V is the main supply for the rail, then make sure 3.3V is not dipping below the VIN_ON threshold. VIN_ON…
  • LTC2942-1


    The Sense+ pin is connected to both Charger and Load. So,I would like to know how the LTC2942 could determine the operation mode between charge and discharge.