• RE: Op Amp Stability

    Hi ranger123,

    Of course there is LTC6090 which is unity gain stable. You must be talking about LTC6090-5 which is gain > 5V/V stable only?

    For LTC6090-5, if used as an integrator, the circuit could be unstable. That's because when the capacitor acts…

  • RE: [High speed] and [High voltage] (~100V) amplifier

    Take a look at these high voltage devices to see if they may fit your needs?




  • RE: Operating LTC6090 with unbalanced split supply

    Hi memsgrad,

    That would not be an issue with LTC6090 being run with +40V and -100V supplies, as shown below in LTspice simulation below:

    Here is the LTspice simulation file:

    LT6090 Skewed Supplied EZ 4_1_20.asc



  • RE: LTC6090 LT1006 LTC2057


    This is a duplicate thread, continue discussing here LTC6090 LT1006 LTC2057.


  • LTC6090 ADA4700 vOH vOL

    Presently we use the ADA4700 in a system whereby we can produce a very low current draw voltage (between +40 and -40V).  The ADA4700 is driven by a DAC to control the output.  

    When selecting the ADA4700, I took note that "rail to rail" is actually +- 2v…

  • LTC6090 LT1006 LTC2057


    I have used these component to design a sinusoidal current generator 0-2Arms 50Hz-2kHz.

    I need to have a very low offset (DC component), max 300-400uA.

    Could you please give me help to low the offset?


    Best Regards

  • LTC6090: TFLAG and OD problem


    I'm using the circuit shown on page 18 "Gain of 20 Amplifier with a 40 mA Protected Output Drive" in the datasheet of the LTC6090. The only thing that I have changed, is that I've replaced the 2k resistors with 4k02 to get an amplification of…

  • RE: How can I get the PSpice model of the LTC6090, or how to convert the LTspice model to the PSpice model?

    Hi stycle,

    As far as I know, the LTspice model for LTC6090 cannot be converted to a Pspice model. And I don't think there are any plans to generate a Pspice model for this device either.



  • RE: 请问:怎样才能得到LTC6090的PSpice模型?或者如何将模型从LTspice导出到PSpice?


  • RE: LTC6090 Power Dissipation: LTSPice vs. Measurements

    Hi Thor,

    I'm thinking you may be seeing some oscillations that could account for the high supply current you're measuring?

    At 35mA supply current (about 2W power with 62V supply) the LTC6090 must be running quite hot / high-temperature to the…