• LTC4125 component

    Hello i am having a few troubles  choosing the rigth componentes for my LTC4125 emissor, specificaly in regards to there components power ratiing, becouse there are some componentes where i can´t calculate that power correccly and i am afraid a chosse…

  • Uising LCT4125 with LTC4124 configured at 10mA


    I am involved in designing a wearable device that is to be charged wireless, the system includes a docking wireless transmitter.

    I have chosen LTC4125 Power Transmitter to work with LTC4124 Power Receiver configured at 10mA.

    I know you have Eval…

  • RE: The Evaluation Kit DC2386

    Hi Rania,

    Board dimension can be found in the design files document: DC2330A (LTC4125) is 2.6x4.7 inches, DC2445A is slightly smaller.

  • RE: LTC4120-4.2 Problems

    Hi drmike,

    Your schematic should not be compatible with the DC2330A transmitter, as it does not include a detection cricuit for LTC4125 to find the optimum operating point. The original DHC function is supposed to work with a push-pull type transmitter…

  • LTC4125 & LT4120

    I have a project where I have to design a wireless charger circuit with th ltc 4125, I need to get a 5W (5V) signal. The lt4120 has a max charging current of 400mA, is there anyway i can design a circuit to have that 1A at the receiver? Should I…

  • RE: LTC4120 2.5 kHz operating frequency

    From the LTC4125 datasheet, p 10.

    The transmitter starts with at 2.5kHz but quickly synchronizes to the resonant frequency of the transmitter LC circuit.  This frequency is typically hundreds of kilohertz.  I have never heard the 2.5kHz when starting up…

  • RE: WPC Qi Compliance of LTC4125

    Sorry, the LTC4125 is not a Qi-compliant part.

  • Pinouts of LTC4125

    I am wondering if PTH1(Pin11) and PHT2(Pin10) of LTC4125 are output or input pin. 

    Also is it possible to apply a certain level of voltage to those pins to adjust Vpp across Tx coil?



  • LTC4125 efficiency

    I have a wireless power system using the LTC4125 Tx and LTC4120 Rx. Both use the standard application from the data sheet. I'm attaching a copy of the output and input waveforms.

    Yellow is the TX output and purple is the Rx input. My questions are…