• LTC3789 Paralleling


    I design DC/DC power supply with two interleaved LTC3789`s.

    DC/DC specification:

    1. Vin=9-36V
    2. Vout=18V
    3. Iout = 30A
    4. Fsw = 400 kHz
    5. External Spread-Spectrum Sync

    My schematic based on DC2253A reference design.
    Single channel circuit design and component…

  • LTC3789 failures

    We are using the LTC3789 alonside the LTC4000 in an arrangment which is identical to the DC1721A-A Demo board (schematic and layout) for a LiFe battery charger and portable radio PSU application. Unfortunately we have had half a dozen failures of the…


    Hi, my name is Juan

    Im using the LTC3789 with the LTC4000. I simulate the circuit on the LTSpice but it doesn´t work when I connect the ITH of the LTC3789 with the ITH pin of the LTC4000. If i dont connect one with the other averything Works well till…

  • RE: LTC3789 design question


    Yes you can use LTC3789 for your application. I would suggest using LTpowercad in your design for faster development 


  • LTC3789 or LT3790 Sync to external clock

    LTC3789 (PLL) or LT3790 I need to use external Sync of 250KHz and move to 255KHz. what would be the expected settling time in each component to the new switching frequency? 


  • LTC3789空载发热严重

    用LTC3789实现输入14-19V 输出15V 3.5A。芯片一上电(用VCC=16.5V测试) 空载电流有200mA 导致芯片发热严重,请教有什么原因导致.下面给出原理图与PCB。

  • How to calculate LTC3780, LTC3789 Ith Pin filter?


    Could someone be so kind as to explain how the RC filter is derived for the Ith Pin?  One example shows an 8k and 2200pF, and another example has a 15k and a 10nF.  Then a third example has a 68k and 3300pf.  The datasheet explains it is a current…

  • LTC4162-F Software Setup


    Because I Din the part, and MB has been testing.

    The post stage is LTC3789.

    We need control LTC4162-F by I2C to monitor or set the charger status.

    Do we release the software?

    Does it run with LTpowerplay or else?

    How can I download it?

    Does it need…

  • LTC4162 for charging LiFePO4 and backup with PowerPath and I2C Telemetry

    We have a request for LiFePO4 Step-Down Battery Charger.

    For 4S1P application,

    Vin : 9V~36V


    18V->LTC4162-F->Charge LiFePO4 and backup with PowerPath and I2C Telemetry

    Do we have LTC4162-F EVB or Reference Circuits inclu…

  • LTC3789不利用其它芯片能否控制输出电流