• How to set up LTC2174 properly?


    I'm using LTC2174 on a FMC ADC board card. I want to program the mode control registers on LTC2174 which is SPI interface. But I can't get right readback data of registers(all bits are "1"). I'm not sure whether the ADC was set…

  • How to produce Frame Clock(FR) of the ADC?


    I'm using a FMC board card with ADC - LTC2174. After power on,I can detect DCO signal of the ADC with Oscilloscope. However I can't detect FR signal.

    1. I think that FR signal will be automatic generated after power on (just like DCO signal…

  • ADXL357 DRDY (pin 14)


    I just want to know how is the function of DRDY (pin 14) of ADXL357 when EXT_CLK=1 and EXT_SYNC=01.

    Is its function SYNC input or DRDY output?
    The info in table 14 is a little confusing.

    In comments it says "DRDY (active high) signals that data is…

  • 2011-01-10 14:14:47     workqueue

    2011-01-10 14:14:47     workqueue

    Chris Brissette (UNITED STATES)

    Message: 97302   

    I have been hunting a random lockup, happens about once a week. Seems like it has something to do with the using the ttybf1 uart.  I have been looking to where workqueue…

  • LTC2175-14 EVM


    The EVM for LTC2175-14 supports analog input from 5MHz onwards. I am interested in verifying LTC2175's low frequency performance. Do you have any other EVM with analog front end supporting DC and low frequencies

  • [LTM9006-14]

    The Vcm on My Demo board DC1751 doesn't have output,is it wrong?And what the output type of FR and DCO ?LVDS?

  • LTC2157-14 Transformer coupling circuit


    My customers are considering the LTC2157-14.

    Input frequencies of 5 to 70 MHz are recommended in Figure 3 of the data sheet.

    Why is this frequency band recommended for this configuration?

    We are considering using it with an input frequency of 5…

  • RE: ADF4356 for ADMV1013/14


    The ADMV1013 should still work (i.e there will be conversion gain) but at a decreased level along with decreased linearity (OP1dB and OIP3). At 25C there will be only a small difference in conversion gain. These effects will be more pronounced at…

  • RE: LTC2153-14 CLKOUT

    The CLKOUT will follow the ENC signal with a small delay.  If ENC is high then CLKOUT will be high shortly after that. 

    The default it 0 degree phase shift

    There is no reason to dynamically change the phase of the output clock.  It is something you set…