• Controlling ADC conversion of LTC2145-12

    Dear Sir

    I am desiging the circuits using  LTC2145-12 ADC. to avoid the noise conditins around ADC, I would like to start ad

    conversion when input analog signal meets over the threshold level.

    Data sheets saying that ENC clocking shall be done all the time…

  • RE: Converting dBFS to dBm with an SDR receiver based on the LTC2145-14 clocked at 125 Mhz

    1Vpp into 50ohms is 4dBm.  2Vpp int 50ohms is 10dBm.  Check your math. 

  • 2011-01-10 14:14:47     workqueue

    2011-01-10 14:14:47     workqueue

    Chris Brissette (UNITED STATES)

    Message: 97302   

    I have been hunting a random lockup, happens about once a week. Seems like it has something to do with the using the ttybf1 uart.  I have been looking to where workqueue…

  • [LTM9006-14]

    The Vcm on My Demo board DC1751 doesn't have output,is it wrong?And what the output type of FR and DCO ?LVDS?

  • ADF4356 for ADMV1013/14


    I am using ADF4356 for ADMV1013/14. I just found out the max RFOUT power for ADF4356 is -2 dbm at 6.8GHz. ADV1013/4 requires LO input is within -6 to 6 dbm. What will happen if LO power is less than -6dbm? Let's say LO input at ADMV1013 only sees…

  • RE: LTC2153-14 CLKOUT

    The CLKOUT will follow the ENC signal with a small delay.  If ENC is high then CLKOUT will be high shortly after that. 

    The default it 0 degree phase shift

    There is no reason to dynamically change the phase of the output clock.  It is something you set…

  • LTC2314-14 not working

    LTC2314-14 is not working. Only zeros coming on SPI. I am using STM32L431RBT6 as SPI master at 8MHz.

    I used the following code:


    HAL_SPI_Receive(&hspi1,(uint8_t *)&buf…

  • LTC2258-14 No output or CLKOUT

    We are trying to use the ltc2258-14 with the serial programming mode, Double data rate CMOS.  We can not get any output on the clkout line or any of the data lines.  We have also been unable to read any of the mode registers.

    Any thoughts as to why we wouldn…

  • RE: 14-bit DTS

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