• RE: LT6604-2.5的增益最大可设置到多少?


  • RE: I want to synchronize two DDS AD9912 sinusoidal outputs and make them by 90 degree phase shift

    thank you ,

    as you said the last comment you mentioned about the ad9913 for the second paragraph . But i chose the AD9912 as it have maximum DAC bits, FTW etc. But according to the equations and all your first comment was right as the minimum…

  • The Engineer's Toolbox: 10 Weeks 10 Tools continues...

    Wizard Tools? We're not talking about mythical magicians wielding screwdrivers. Analog Devices' suite of Design Tools help you simplify calculations and tackle complex engineering challenges with ease.

    Welcome to week five of ADI's 10 Weeks…

  • LTC6268-10


    In order to reduce noise, i use a JFET BF862 before the amplifier ltc6268-10,but i find a large offset current in oscilloscope. I want to know how solve it.

  • LTC6268-10 1khz bandwith application


    Iı am new in this forum. It is very nice to be able to ask questions. Thank you in advance. 

    I bought LTC6268-10 for a trans-impedance amplifier application for LIDAR. The laser emits in 10ns pulse and bandwidth of the laser is 1 khz. I have chosen…

  • AD5174BRMZ-10 working principle


    We are planning to use AD5174BRMZ-10 to use variable resistance application. I would like to understand its functionality of using TP memory. 

    1. Do we have provision to store the resistance (10 bit RDAC data) in our own desired address location ( say…

  • Coupling of LTC6268-10 and AD8336

    Dear Enigeer!

       My purpose is to amplify the current signal generated by APD into a voltage signal through a two-stage amplifier. The first stage amplifier is going to use ltc6268-10 to amplify the current signal into a voltage signal, and the second stage…

  • Windows 10 issue

    I am having the same issues as on this page. The solution wasn't provided. Can anyone offer a solution? Or what to look at to drive to a solution?


  • 2010-05-10 10:07:10     在bf533-Ezkit上使用microwindows出错

    2010-05-10 10:07:10     在bf533-Ezkit上使用microwindows出错

    进 王 (CHINA)

    Message: 89283   


    root:/> nano-X &


    root:/> m. Check kernel config

    Cannot initialise…