• LT3757


    I am using LT3757 High Voltage Flyback Power Supply
    in one of my designs, TDK DCT15EFD-U44S003
    transformer recommended is obselete, is there any alternate recommended.

    I need to generate  voltage upto -100/ -200V.

    Look forward for an immediate response…

  • RE: ADP5071 2 A/1.2 A How to achieve

    You may want to take a look at LT3757.

  • LT3757 Discontinuous Operating Conditions


    I am interested in using the LT3757 to build a boost converter (that'll be powered by batteries later) in discontinuous mode. However it seems that most of the data sheet related to the LT3757 is about continuous functionality. If someone could specify…

  • LT3757

    I would like to do a small signal ac analysis of the LT3757 to get the gain phase both open loop and closed loop.  Is there a small signal averaged model for a SEPIC under current control that I can use that will run on LTspice?

  • LT3757 used with low voltage supply

    I have an application using an LT3757 powered from 3.3V with a switching FET power from a separate higher voltage supply.  The application circuits for the device show a direct connection between the gate drive of the LT3757 and the gate of the MOSFET…

  • LT3757 flyback snubber question


      I'm currently using the LT3757 as a flyback controller and specification sheet outlines (page 20, snubber section) this for calculating Ccn:

    However, Rcn is not mentioned anywhere in this section.  Is Rcn a typo and should be Rsn as mentioned…

  • LT3757 flyback converter output voltage and current

    Hi All,

    I am using LT3757 flyback converter application and run the simulation in LTspice.

    I want to use LT3757 convert 12V input to 180V. The SCH is same as the example in datasheet, which shows below, and i changed the  16.2K resistor to 31.4K Ohm.


  • LT3757 Sepic convertor transient simulation


    I'm trying to design LT3757 sepic converter. However, while the output is not good while simulating load transients. 

    I  have attached .asc here. Could you please help improve it?

    Thanks in advance. 

     LT3757 sepic.zip

  • Can I use LT3757 to generate an output >2KV (Iout<0.2mA)

    I have done a LT3757 demo board based on flyback transformer, want to generate an ouput >2KV. I found that When I add a small parallel capatance on divider resistor on PIN FBX, it works.

    but when I change the divider  value of the resistor, the output…