• RE: HMC538LP4E replacement

    Hi Mayank,

    We don't currently offer another packaged analog phase shifter.

    The only analog phase shifter we currently offer is the HMC247 die product.

    We may have other phase shifters in development, but none that can be discussed in this forum…

  • RE: Using HMC247/877 at 3GHz ?

    Hi hma,

    Regarding the HMC247, we have S-parameter data only as low as 4 GHz, so I don't have the data with which to answer your question regarding 3 GHz operation. Regarding the HMC877, I'll need to look at the data set we have and review its d…

  • What is Monotonic performance of the HMC247 ?  Precisely what is the phase linearity with control voltage at any given RF input Frequency?   Nagamayya

    What is Monotonic performance of the HMC247 ? Precisely what is the phase linearity with control voltage at any given RF input Frequency? Nagamayya

  • HMC877LC3 simplest design

    I found two phase shifters working at high frequency:
    HMC247 and HMC877LC3.
    I am interested to something more like HMC247 since it is very easy and simple, but I would like to avoid using wire bonding to connect it. …
  • Equivalent Hours of HMC764LP6CE & HMC783LP6CE

    Dir Sir,

    I would like to know the equivalent hours of HMC764LP6CE & HMC783LP6CE. I cnn't find the information in the attached Reliability Report. How can I calculate that value?

    Best regards,


  • RE: ADuCM355 Using AFE Clock for Digital Die

    Hi Yan-Wei,

    A couple of points to note:

    - The digital die maximum clock rate is 26MHz. This is the max clock rate the memories and digital logic were tested and qualified to. 

    - Did you follow the steps in the user guide under the section "Connecting AFE…

  • HMC247 Phase vs. Voltage Curves

    Is there I can get sample curves of phase shift vs. voltage for various frequencies? The "Phase Shift vs. Control Voltage" figure in the data sheet would be sufficient!

  • Hittite HMC247 Analog Phase Shifter

    Hello... We have a couple of quite urgent questions on the Hittite HMC247 Analog Phase Shifter

    which we are considering for a new design.

    A) Can RFOUT be used as input, and RFIN as output?

    B) Can you please provide testing diagram of the control voltage…

  • RE: HMC6981LS6 Die dimensions

    Hi Alessandro,

                            The information you are requesting is considered proprietary to Analog Devices and  can't be provided. Thermal analysis of the HMC6981LS6 has been done and we provide theta JC, the thermal resistance from the channel to the ground paddle…

  • RE: LTC2000 Operating Temperature vs Junction temperature

    The 70C is referring to the temperature of the die. Keep the die lower than 70C with a heatsink or use a higher temperature grade.