• RE: ADXL357 Accelerometer

    The ADXL357 is very similar to the ADXL355, except with different g range options.  Some code examples for the ADXL355 can be found here:


    Also, a general internet search shows there are a number…

  • RE: ADXL355 Reset Command @I2C

    Hi Richard,

    Resetting the ADXL355 is like powering it from off(POR -power on reset). There is a required time for adxl355 to properly initialized itself. My suggestion is to allow the adxl355 to settle for about atleast 170uS.



  • RE: ADXL355 - sometimes locks bus with SDA low

    ADXL355 currently supports point to point I2C communication. When sharing an SDA bus, the ADXL355 may prevent communication with other devices on the bus. If at any point, when the ADXL355 is not being addressed, the 0x3A or 0x3B(when the device address…

  • ADXL355 initial read

    Can you let me know the SPI communications that should be used to get the Device ID and the SPI communication to get Temperature.

    Knowing the communication, bytes sent, and bytes received, will help alot. I am sure I have an issue to do with my code so…

  • ADXL355 will cause leak current when turn off power?

    We will use ADXL355 and ADXL362 for Structure Health Monitoring application.

    We want to get sensor data from ADXL355 only when ADXL362 detect shock or vibration.

    Therefore ADXL362 is always on, but we want to turn off the ADXL355 power supply until…

  • ADXL355_power_sequence


    I have a question about ADXL355.

    How long can the ADXL355 be powered on and receive I2C data settings?

    When I looked at “AN-1077” of ADXL345, P3 had 1.1ms.

    Is it safe to apply this information to ADXL355?

    Excuse me, but please tell me.

  • ADXL355 PMDZ and EVAL - ADICUP3029

    Dear EngineerZone,

    Currently i'm working on development of an affordable vibration measurement device utilizing ADXL355 PMDZ and EVAL - ADICUP3029. Before going further, i looked for project example / driver for ADXL355 pmdz but found nothing ( cmiiw…

  • ADXL355

    As much as I dislike asking foolish questions I need some help clarifying some points about this part. The way that I read the datasheet, the part reads a typical 256,000 counts per 2g +  with it set at 2g full scale. This will be the data that I will manipulate…

  • ADXl355

    Good aftrenoon!

    On your web site


    There is a Video there `Lowest Power Edge Nodes: Structural Health Monitoring `

    Can you give me the parts use and reference numbers. I would like…

  • ADXL355



    I have a question ADXL355.


    Data sheet p22
    Please tell me about over range protection specification of ADXL 355.

    "Floating state towards zero", but in the case of the axis in the direction of gravitational acceleration,
    Can I think that…