• RE: ADV7343 - Input Clock Frequency

    As long as the ADV7343 outputs standard CVBS signals into the nominal 75 Ohm load it should interface to the ADV3201.  The ADV3201 is expecting inputs as shown in Figure 107

  • ADV3201 and AD725 interface


    ADV3201 output is interfaced to AD725 input.

    In datasheets of ADV3201 and AD725 both mentioned 75ohm shunt resistance at output and input respectively.

    Whether is it required the 75ohm shunt resistance both the ends?



  • RE: AD8145 & ADV3201- Negative supply voltage

    I am forwarding this to the AD8145 and adv3201 expert

  • RE: ADV 3201 Input Voltage level


    Try altering the Vref of the ADV8005 or AC couple it to the input of  ADV3201.


  • adv3201 Video input level


    We have a video signal from 0V to 1V, is it possible to enter into ADV3201(supply at +-3V3)?



  • RE: ADV3201 - Video Cross Point Switch

    Hi anna,

    Could you please provide the IBIS model of ADV3201.



  • RE: 签个到,送您好礼啦!(获奖名单已公布)

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  • ADV3201 Sync-tip clamp

    I want to use ADV3201 to route RGB analog video . I have negative sync on analog video: my question is if I need dual supply or if sync-tip clamp feature has the option to avoid to use dual supply. More in general I don't understand how sync-tip clamp…

  • ADV3200/ADV3201 DVCC +3.3VDC

    Can ADV3200 and ADV3201 DVCC be equal to 3.3VDC?

    I can't find this information on the datasheet and on the eval board documentation DVCC is 5V. 

    Thank you for your support

    Best Regards


  • RE: ADV7401-

    Hi Guenter,

    Please review once again the DVI input to DVI output channel switching circuit.

    Such as ADV7611 => ADV7125 => ADV3201 => ADV7401 => ADV7513 channel.

    Especially in ADV7401 section.