I am preparing a smart wearable medical product for the elderly.I have some questions about ADPD188GG, and I look forward to your answers. I will to test the CNiBP, SpO2 and HRM / HRV of the elderly.so,

    1.   CNiBP :   AD8223+ADPD188GG, connected to PD1…


    Hello EngineerZone,

    I am new with ADPD188GG PPG Sensor and I need to know the specification of the maximum peak current of the VLED to test it with its Evaluation board in the Float mode.



    Good Morning,

    I would to know the number of pulse in both modes (Float mode & normal mode)??


  • What is the difference between the ADPD188BI and the ADPD188GG?

    What is the difference between the ADPD188BI and the ADPD188GG used for PPG measurements?

  • RE: Application Wavetools: EVAL-ADPD188BL not setup for hardware synchronization?

    It should be supported based on the fact that there is accelerometer on the board. I personally do not have experience with ADPD188GG evaluation board, but hardware sync should be supported based on the devices on the board.

    The initial check I would…

  • About ADPD188GG PPG solution

    Dear all,

    good day!

    i have a question, about ADPD188GG....

    i see the spec ADPD188GG has internal 2 Green LED (TX) and 2 PDET (RX) with IR cut filter... is right??

    and then it has external 2 LED driver and 2 PDs Input ... is right???

    does it mean i can…

  • About ME design guide of ADPD188GG

    Dear Sir:

    My client want to evaluate the ADPD188GG for PPG solution.
    Do you have any ME portion design guide of ADI?



  • RE: ADPD188GG FIFO question


    If the device is operating in a single timeslot and configured to write a 16 bit result to the FIFO per sample then 2 bytes would be written to the FIFO. If the device is operating with two timeslots and using both PD channels with 32 bits per…

  • ADPD188GG VLED1 supply voltage

    Dear Sir,

    According the datasheet  VLED1(pin 5) voltage range is 4.0~5.0V.  The max rating of  VLED1 is 5V. If we provide 5V supply and 5% tolerance

    The max supply voltage is 5.25V. Is VLED1 can endure this application?


  • ADPD188GG float mode driver issue


    I'm trying to create a driver for the ADPD188GG, with the float mode configuration (ADPD188GGZ_PPG_Float_01.dcfg) 

    I used the HAL you shared on github).

    So I made these calls to a initialize the AFE,(the example adpd188gg)