• ADP1621: Designing slope compensation in buck switching configuration

    First of all, I want to make it sure if ADP1621 can drive buck configuration because it is stated in the datasheet of ADP1621 that it can be used for SEPIC, flyback, boost, buck-boost, forward and "other converter topologies".

    Second, I am…

  • ADuM3190 and ADP1621 spice model

    Is there spice model ADuM3190 and ADP1621?

    I want to evaluate by simulatar

  • RE: Switching Regulator Question


    The ADP1621 boost controller can be used as you describe for an asynchronous design (one switch, one diode) with or without isolation.

    The ADP1828 buck controller can be used as a 2 low side switch flyback if you do not need isolation.

    Here is…

  • RE: 12V / 6A Power supply. Help with Buck and Boost converters + OR'ing circuit


    instead of designing 2 power conversion stages (a buck and a boost) you could design a single stage SEPIC converter that can handle 6V to 30V.

    You would supply this with diode ORing at the input instead of the output.

    The ADP1621 could be used…

  • RE: ADP1621 SEPIC Design

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  • ADP1621 Sepic & Cuk Design Poor Efficiency


    I'm using two ADP1621, One for a Sepic and one for a Cuk Analog PowerSupply Board

    The parameters are:

    Vin: 9-15VDC

    Vout1: 13.5VDC  (Sepic)

    Vout2: -13.5VDC (Cuk)

    Iout1&2: 2A

    First i designed the circuit with ADIsim - with this created circuit…

  • RE: Need power management solution


    Have a look at the ADP1621in the SEPIC configuration or the ADP1614 in the SEPIC configuration. Also, if your were not aware, we have this fantastic design tool called ADIsimPower. It is really simple to use, and they are excel based. See the links…