• RE: ADIS16334 Mounting

    This information is now available in application note, AN-1146.  Go to the ADIS16334 product page (www.analog.com/ADIS16334), then click on "Technical Documentation" to find this application note.

  • FAQ: ADIS16334 Evaluation Tool Overview


    Where do I find information on evaluation tools for the ADIS16334 Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)?



  • ADIS16334 Electrical Connection

    How do I connect to the SPI interface on the ADIS16334?

  • ADIS16445 - Comparison to ADIS16334 and ADIS16485

    Is this part like the ADIS16334 or ADIS16485?


    The ADIS16445 offers ~2x better gyroscope performance than the ADIS16334, in a
    similar package that is only 5mm longer in one dimension. In comparison with
    the ADIS16485, the ADIS16445 offers…
  • RE: IMU developing

    is there any document that has detailed information about developing IMUs like ADIS16334?

  • RE: Can ADIS16305 be used in Pitch and Yaw controlling?

    One place to start is with the ADIS16334.  Look forward to your feedback.

  • Sleep mode on the ADIS16334


    We've been prototyping a wrist-mounted sensor for a while now using the ADIS16400 series, and it's working well enough that we're hoping to develop one that can be sent home with testers, instead of being tied to the lab. This means a switch…

  • RE: ADIS16334 & ADIS16364 comparison

    Thank you for posting this.  The first thing that I would look at is any mechanical differences that might influence the level of vibration each device is seeing. Can you describe your mounting approach for each device, with drawings or pictures?  I will…

  • ADIS16334 Flexible Interface Connector

    I am having trouble finding the flexible connector that is referenced in the ADIS16334 datasheet. Where can I find one of these?