• RE: SPICE model of ADG902?

    Hi Danyang,

    s2p files demonstrating the RF performance of the ADG902 can be found on the ADG902 product page. Below is the link for ADG902 product page. Please download the s2p file for there.


  • RE: ADG902 - Dynamic power consumption

    Moved this question on the ADG902 to the Switches/Multiplexers community.

  • RF SPDT SW @ low frequency

    Hi all,

    Our customer will try to use the RF SPDT SW @ low frequency circuit, about 1MHz ~ 50MHz.

    They select following devices.




    More performance data @ low frequency ~ 100MHz is available ?

    P1dB,Isolation etc.

    Best regards…

  • RF SPST ADG902 switch time domain response

    Hi there,

    I intend to use the ADG902 switch for backscattering applications, with a control signal pulse of 50 MHz. The time domain response of the switch in the forward direction is shown below:

    which matches the figure in the datasheet (ignore the…

  • RE: Reflective switches

    The reflective switch is the same as the absorptive switch except the 50ohm shunt resistor is replaced by a 0ohm element.  The ADG902 (SPST), ADG919 (SPDT), ADG936R (dual SPDT), and the ADG904R (SP4T) parts are reflective switches.  A reflective switch…

  • ADG918 Blocking of high amplitude signals

    I'm planning to use the ADG918 for multiplexing between two inputs. The ON path shall pass signals up to +/-0.5Vp which is nicely within the 7 dBm max. input spec. The OFF port may, however, be subjected to 20-40 ns spikes of up to +/-2Vp. My concern…

  • [征文] IN118的基准源用AD的芯片,上面写着D6B,困饶我很久了 AD5312


  • ADI芯片辨识、型号查找


  • RF switch insertion loss and off isolation

    Can you explain what insertion loss and off isolation are with respect to the ADG9xx family of switches?

  • RE: 大家有用过ADG788单刀双掷开关吗?有没有什么值得注意的问题?求赐教!