• open/gnd open/28


                In some ic ADG5408 28/open gnd/open ,Does it mean the end is powered from some board and grounded in ADG5408



  • RE: ADG1408 supplies

    I just found the ADG5408, which appears to be a better choice.

  • RE: ADG5408 Burn Out Problem

    Hello Seanbrown

    Recently, I found out the cause of burn out problem.

    When there is no power on the ADG5408, if external veoltage is injected, the ESD diode must be turned on and higher current than 30mA (ESD diode max current) flow to the capacitor…

  • RE: Part status Clarification

    Hi Bharti,

    Both of the part numbers you mentioned are currently in production.

    This can be seen in the sample and buy section of the ADG5408 product page



  • ADG5408 Power-Off Protection


    Could you please let me know how much the maximum voltage level of Source terminal pins of ADG5408 during power off ?



  • RE: ADG5408 leakage current?

    Hi wivern,

    I not have exact figures for the values you mention above but the values in the data sheet are the worst case values and so you can expect less than 0.05nA typically.


  • ADG5408 Power Dissipation

    I was wondering what the power dissipation thru the device is.

  • ADG5408 Supply Voltage

    Hello ADI,

    The ADG5408 is a high voltage analog multiplexer. I want to understand if there is a minimum voltage specification for the device. I will run the device in bipolar mode, and I'd like to go below the +/-9VDC the datasheet seems to say in can…

  • ADG5408 Supply VDD to VSS

    Hello ADI,

    I have a question about the supply voltage of the ADG5408. I would like to use for VDD a Supply of 38V and for VSS -3.3V. Unfortunately, the VDD to VSS voltage isn't described in the datasheet only the absolute maximum Ratings. What is the…

  • RE: Question ADG5408 Supply VDD to VSS

    The ADG5408 requires at least a 9V VDD so that the digital logic section of the switch operates correctly.

    The VDD and VSS do not need to match, as long as the difference between VDD and VSS is not greater than 44V.