• RE: ada4950 gerber file


    Attached is the board file for ADA4950-2. The old evaluation board for ADA4950-2 is obsolete and is replaced by EVAL-FDA-2CPZ-24.


  • ADA4950-2 Output Noise Data


    I would like to use ADA4950-2 as a buffer to measure noise with my chip. May I have the original output noise data for ADA4950-2 as shown in Figure38 in the datasheet? Thanks!



  • ADA4950-2 POWER-DOWN (PD)


    Does ADA4950-1/2 power down pin have an internal PU or PD resistor ?

    Datasheet does not mention this.

    Have a nice day...

  • ADA4950-2 Input Current Specification


    I am using ADA4950-2 Differential Amplifier to make  differential my DC signal. I hve a output common mode voltage of 1.5 V for this chip
    I have two questions:

    1) When nothing is connected to INA- and 1.65 V is connected to INA+ I see 1.47 V(apporixmately…

  • ADA4950-1/ capacitance load query


    We do have a catheter cable length of 2.4 meter , trying to understand if the amplifier ADA4950-1 will be able to drive the same or not?

    We have set this for a gain of 2. The input level from the FPGA is driven as 2.4V p-p, output of the ADA4950-1 is…

  • Sporadic ADA4950 failures

    Hi all,

    I'm using ADA4950-1YCPZ amplifiers as the last stage in a preamp before driving an AD9650.  The ADA4950 is powered by +/-5V supplies.  The unity gain inputs (pins 2 and 3) are driven by ADA4897s powered by the same +/-5V supplies.  Pins 1 and…

  • RE: Differential instrument Amplifier :)


    I have a biomedical application (my thesis).I have to measure the signal and process it.

    you are right about CN0273 but I simulated it before. it's not perfect for my application.

    I really appreciate you for your recommendation about ADA4950…

  • RE: 可否推荐一款音频信号单端转差分的芯片

    以下链接为 单端转差分的 芯片资料, 可以看一下ADAD4930-2 ADA4950-2

    单端转差分放大器 | 亚德诺半导体

  • RE: Buffer/amp with high input impedance to drive single ended 50 ohms load

    Thanks Chard. ADA4950-2 is meeting all my requirements. Although its input impedance (1kohm) is less than that of ADA4960 (10kohm).

    I'm going to use it as I/Q IF buffer for direct conversion receiver. The receiver IC can't drive 50ohms resistive load…

  • What is the input capacitance of VINA+ and VINA- pins of ADL5202?


    Although I have thoroughly search the datasheet of the ADL5202, I could not reach any information about input capacitance of VINA/VINB pins. Also, I am trying to send signal at 10 MHz from ADA4950 to ADL5202. My main concern is ability of ADA4950…