• RE: Two AD5116 + One SSM2306

    the ADA4691-2 looks nice for your application.



  • About the shutdown operation of ADA4691-2

    Hi all,

    I have a question about the shutdown operation of ADA4691-2.

    Please let me know the maximum delay time until the specified voltage is output from OUT_A pin when SD_A pin is changed from Disable to Enable.

    The conditions at this time are as follows…

  • What is output of ADA4691-2 in Shutdown?

    Hi, all

    I'm looking for op amp with shutdown function,and high impedance when in shutdown.

    Is the output of the ADA4691-2 this function?

    Are all amplifier outputs in a high impedance state, when in shutdown mode?

    There is no description in the…

  • shutdown set in ada4691


    I'm trying to design power saving IoT module. Intending to install ada8235 and ada4691 just because they have shutdown. ada8235 specifies SDN, while ada4691 SD. Wish you to specify how to tie SD of ada4691 for the the normal operation.


  • 关于ADA4691-2的其中一个AMP做为电压跟随器时



  • RE: Using The ADA4177-2 as a buffer, outputs don't exactly follow inputs

    I'm surprised it is doing anything. 

    --  You need at least 5V across the part to wake it up

    --  It is not RR input;  you need to stay at least 1.5V away from either rail.

    Try an ADA4084-2 or an ADA4528-2

    For the LMC662,, you could also look at:


  • RE: AD7606-4 Running Hot and Stuck in BUSY



      It is well known that digital inputs and analog inputs should never be floating.

    See page 16 in the ADA4691 data sheet:


    This was an exercise…

  • ADA4691-4 Shutdown Pin


    I have a question about ADA4691-4.

    When the shutdown mode is not used, is the terminal open and it is not a problem?

    Please tell me because it was not mentioned in the data sheet.



    Best Regards


  • RE: AD8231 op-amp bandwidth and part number


    Which op amp?  The OP281 rev D, page 3 d.s. says 95 kHz gbw on 3V??

    The tool will let you pick other op amps.  But if the op amp won't work, it won't let you

    pick it.   Try the ADA4666-2, ADA4528-2, ADA4528-1, ADA4691-2.  All are less than

    5 years…

  • Drive capabilities of the A2 op-amp in the AD8295


    I'm looking for the drive capabilities of the 'A2' op-amp in the AD8295.  Ideally a figure showing the output voltage swing vs. output current. Something similar to figures 20 and 24 in the ADA4691 datasheet.

    More specifically I would…