• RE: AD9910 3kHz BW SNR

    The DAC and DDS of the AD9910 and AD9957 are similar, so you should be able to apply the AD9957 noise spectral density values to the AD9957.

  • where can i download ad9957 usb firmware ?

    i have evaluated the ad9957 eval board. Now i want to change usb firmware a bit .

    i searched the forum and found ad9957 usb firmware  AD9957 eval board, from Linux  ,but it was not usb firmware. It is a driver.

    how can i get ad9957 usb firmware source…


    It is possible to synchronize multiple AD9957s (see the "Synchronization of Multiple Devices" section of the data sheet). If all the AD9957s are properly synchronized, then their PDCLK signals will also be synchronized.

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  • RE: AD9910 USB Firmware

    Hello Heath.

    The AD9957 has the equilvalent interface verses the AD9910. I don't have firmware for the AD9910 but the AD9957 is attached.

  • RE: AD9957 XTAL_SEL

    The XTAL_SEL input on the AD9957 and AD9910 are identical, so DSB's posting with regard to the AD9957's XTAL_SEL pin applies to the AD9910, as well.

  • Can the AD9957 Evalboard and software generate CDMA modulation of the AD99957?

    Can the AD9957 Evalboard and software generate CDMA modulation of the AD99957?


    In general, the AD9957 can produce any modulated signal that relies on a
    complex baseband component (I + jQ). The AD9957 evaluation software only
  • RE: REF_CLK input for AD9957


    I used a 16.368MHz TCXO as the REF_CLK of the AD9957 evaluation board, but the TCXO output frequency was affected when AD9957 was under the QDUC mode.

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  • RE: bandwidth before and after AD9957

    Assuming the baseband signal is bandlimited to 1.536MHz when delivered to the AD9957, then the output signal should also occupy 1.536MHz. It is important to understand that the AD9957 does not alter the bandwidth of the input signal (with the exception…

  • Can I manage the eval board AD9957  via rs 232 interface?


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