• USB connection on AD9522 evaluation board


    My customer has used AD9522 evluation board with AD9522 evaluation software version 1.2.0.

    In the case, the USB Status is 'EZSSP-0'.

    Recently, the customer purchased an additional AD9522 evaluation board. 

    The new AD9522 EVB only works…

  • AD9522


    I'm currently attempting to use the AD9522 Eval to clock my AD9914 Eval. I am using the internal VCO of the AD9522 Eval, but when I externally measure the output signal of my AD9522 I see a different frequency from what the evaluation GUI is telling…

  • AD9522 - driver code ?


    Where can I find driver code for AD9522?

    I tried all downloads in AD9522 page, but seems that nothing contains software source code.

    Thank you,


  • AD9522-X Evaluation board


    We interest on AD9522-4 for our design, we get the AD9522/PCBZ  evaluation board to check it.

    my question is regarding this note from UG-077

    " 1. Install the AD9522 evaluation software. Administrative
    privileges are required for installation…

  • RE: ADIsimCLK and zero delay errors

    Hi Greg,

    I am seeing the same issue.  This is a valid configuration.  An easy work around is to use the AD9522-4 model and instead of a total feedback of 20, use a feedback of 16.

    The model for the AD9522-4 will be an accurate representation of AD9522…

  • RE: AD9648 randomly enters unrecoverable broken state at power-up.

    Hi Doug,

    Almost every five times I turn on, It happens once.

    i drive clock as differential with AD9522. after fpga loaded from flash i config AD9522, and set clock to 60MHz.

    if we enable the DRVDD regulator with AD9522 lock flag, and then assert digital…

  • RE: How to extract AD9522 register settings from ADIsimCLK tool?

    Dear Rainer,

    In order to extract the register settings for the AD9522 from SimCLK, you must have the AD9522 evaluation software installed and running.

    Upon completing your design in SimCLK, you can select "Program Chip" under the Tools menu. There is…

  • AD9522-1 internal VCO problem


    I designed a PCB that includes an AD9522-1 that I intend to use for clock distribution. The supporting circuitry for the AD9522-1 is basically a copy of the AD9522/PCBZ Evaluation Board (which I also use to program the AD9522-1 in my design by means…

  • AD9522 Clock Synthesizer Issue


    I have been programming AD9522 at input frequency 10 MHz and required output frequency 100 MHz. As I am probing Lock Detect (LD) pin, I am getting glitches of about 250 ns at random intervals.

    In another case, I am programming AD9522 at input freq…