• AD9237 EVA Board


    I want to evaluate AD9237 but evaluation board does not exist.
    I will try to evaluate AD9237 using a compatible AD9235 evaluation board.
    So, I confirmed that some pin functions are different, but it is OK to replace

    AD2935 from AD9237, or is it…

  • AD9237-40 power consumption


    We check power consumption of AD9237-40 both power scaling enable and disable .
    Datasheet figure 43 and 44 describle only power consumption by 10MSPS at power scaling disable and enable.
    Please let me knoe about power consumption when we use  AD9237…

  • RE: AD9237 reference setting


    Please support this thread ?

    We attach  description of datasheet and my understanding about reference configuration

    Is below understanding correct ?

    Please let me know yoru advice.



  • RE: AD9237-40 mode2 pin threshold

    Hi Terumasa-san,

    Thank you for using the AD9237.

    Applying 2.5V to the MODE2 pin will not damage the part as long as the AD9237 is powered up before the 2.5V source.

    From your testing, you have about 100mV margin at 2.5V. To increase your margin, you…

  • RE: sampling design issue


    The AD9280 is much older ADC thus really is not recommended.  Since you are simply buying an eval board, I would consider a higher resolution ADC like the 12-bit AD9237.  The AD9237 is a monolithic, single 3 V supply, 12-bit, 20/40/65 MSPS Analog…

  • RE: internal reference of AD9235

    Thanks for the information,

    Obviously I overlooked this figure.

    Upgrading to AD9237 is however no option to me due to nontechnical reasons.

    However an external Reference seems useful.


  • RE: AD9225 CLK stop and resume


    The AD9225 is one of the 1st generation 12-bit CMOS ADC's released in the late 1990's.  As you state, it does not include a PWDN pin which exists on future generations of this product family.  No additional delay is required (other than…

  • RE: ADC 12/14BIT, >2mS/S, Parallel digital interface

    Hi Meir,

    You may  want to check the ADI website and do a parametric search to filter the product display  base form your recommended specification.


    Here are some ADCs that might help  you start with, kindly see attched file.

  • RE: 请问一款ADC模拟信号输入高电压?急求。



  • RE: Frequency Planning with AD9467 ADC

    Hi scottbehr,

    Choosing a high sample rate converter will definitely aide in reducing the cost and complexity of the anti-aliasing filter (AAF). Next, if possible, choose a 20MHz BW to be within baseband at Fs/4 or greater, this will push the harmonics…