• single-ended input configuration of AD9212

    I am using AD9212 with single-ended input configuration.

    As depicted in the picture above, which shown the single-ended input configuration.

    However, my input arrange is 0~2V.

    Could annyone tell me how to interface a 0~2V signal with AD9212.


  • AN-877 address truth table?

    Hi folks,

    I'm trying to program the AD9212 chip into standby mode with FPGA.

    I tried to look up the note AN-877 and found that very surprisingly,

    in the note it said in the instruction phase the last 13 bits  (A12~A0) are for addressing,


  • RE: About AD9222 evalution board and the capture board (HSC-ADC-EVALC)


    The AD9222 Eval Brd requires the "HSC-ADC-FIFO5-INTZ" adaptor brd to interface to the HSC-ADC-EVALCZ as noted on our High-Speed ADC Evaluation Brd Info portal at: http://www.analog.com/en/analog-to-digital-converters/ad-converters/products…

  • 关于AD9212芯片的问题



    2、AD9212 datasheet  Rev.E 中第22页Figure49单端信号输入图中的R、C、CDIFF的值分别是多少?实际应用电路可以按照该图直接连接2V的单端信号吗?


  • An issue about AD9212-40

    Dear Engineers,

    I encountered some issues about AD9212-40, could you please help check them

    1、when CLK doesn't connect the common-mode voltage, what is voltage for pin9(clk-) and pin10(clk+), should it be 1.6V or 1.25V.

    2、  how to start the test…

  • the quick start guide for AD9212/22/52 EVB.

    For AD9222EVB, AD9222's datasheet have several paragraphs about the EVB's use.
    I want to know whether we have a document which describe how to use the EVB?


    See attachment
  • AD9212单端输入



  • RE: Default configuration AD9212-40 without SPI

    Thanks for your reply. And could you tell me, please. If I need to program the ADC to a test mode via the SPI. So I understand correctly that I need twice to transfer the data in the ADC memory through SDIO pin? For example, if I want to download Reg…

  • RE: Input matching of switched capacitor ADC (AN-742)

    Hi 6j5,

    The parallel equivalent in AN-742 is shown because we are looking at the input differential into the ADC. I also think you are referring to an older revision of this app note. So I attached the latest.

    In all the ADC impedance tables that are…

  • RE: AD9257 Xilinx IP

    Hi Buckd,

    For example:

    • AD9637 is the 12bit version of the AD9257 (14bit). They use the same FPGA program.
    • The AD9249 is a 14bit 16 channel ADC that uses the same output drivers and format as the AD9257. It uses a different FPGA program because we have…