• AD8605

    Can this be used as a comparator? and how? Thanks

  • AD8605

    Hello, is AD8605 a current-feedback op amp? I couldn't find this information on data sheet.

    Thank you.

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  • RE: AD7656 V_REF Buffer

    Hi Amnon,

           You may check the AD8605 if it fits your latest application. Please refer link for the AD8605 datasheet.




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  • a special circuit for OPA power supply

    as attach png file shows,,, it looks OPA power supply range extend to -5.4v -- +5.4v..... and it for no other purpose ????

    OPA == AD8605

  • RE: ADA4940-1  configuration

    Dear Jino,

    Presently, We are using  AD8605 as a Voltage Buffer in  ADA4940-1 input  .


    Dhanalakshmi S

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    可以使用 multisim 仿真 AD8605的有源滤波特性

  • RE: AD8605 input protection

    Hi Mpuech,

    This is a general rule on protecting the analog inputs in overvoltage conditions.

    Most of the amplifier has an ESD diodes that turns on when overvoltage occur and limiting the current passing to that diodes by around 5mA, we can avoid damaging…

  • RE: AD8605 EMI immunity

    Hi, Shumpei.

    There are many ways to filter out EMI. You may want to implement the circuits on pages 5 and 6 (to eliminate EMI at the inputs) and pages 8 and 9 (for the outputs) of this article - http://www.analog.com/media/en/training-seminars/tutorials…