• AD8420: When there going to be LT Spice model?, I need it for CMR assessment.

    It has AD8420.cir but not sure how to install this into LTSpice.

    When you going to release LTSpice version of AD8420.


  • What evaluation board could be used for AD8420?

    I'm looking for a medical EMG sensor application and found that AD8420 would suite.

    What evaluation board could be used for AD8420?

    What could be alternatives?

    I need to meet low power, low noise, nano Amp Bias, high CMRR, gain > 1000 requirements…

  • RE: AD8420 ECG application

    5. Because of the way this circuit is set up, the gain is within the servo loop, which changes the cutoff frequency. Normally you would expect 1/(2*pi*R*C) to be the cutoff frequency, but in the circuit shown, the cutoff is 101/(2*pi*R*C), which is…

  • Help needed with AD8420 design

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with the AD8420 in-amp in a new electromagnetic flow meter design. Please refer to the attached image of a section of the circuit diagram.

    The AD8420 is powered from a 3 V supply with the REF pin connected to mid-rail…

  • RE: High Voltage Input Instrumentation Amplier

    Hi Terry,

    In response to your inquiry about the AD8420, it has not released yet, but if your design schedule allows it I believe it would also be a very good choice for your design. It has high input-protection, allows for single-supply operation, and…

  • RE: Whats the best Inamp for high speed current sensing?

    Hello Ian,

    Yes, I agree that your choice would be sufficient enough in your application. But you may also want to consider AD8420 or AD8421. AD8420 is a wide supply range, micropower, rail to rail inAmp but the bandwidth is a little lower. AD8420's CMRR…

  • RE: AD8237 Spice Model doesn't work with OrCAD


    For the meantime, you could try using AD8420 which is almost similar to AD8237. Both are micropower instrumentation amplifiers used for ECG applications.

  • RE: AD8421使用疑问


  • RE: 单电源3.3V供电 仪器仪表参考端处理


  • Problem with the ad8420 configured as a transmitter to get 4-20mA at its output

    Hi. I have a problem with a design that I made with the AD8420. I proceed to place the schematic diagram to explain more clearly my problem.

    Design a transmitter that receives a voltage of 0 to 10V at its input. The output must obtain a current in the…