• AD8418 是否可以PIN TO PIN 替换AD8206 ?

    AD8418 是否可以PIN TO PIN 替换AD8206

  • RE: AD8206 High Current sensing

    Hi Jeff,

    My apology for the late response. Can you share with us your schematic? Also, it is possible that in your actual setup the input common mode voltage of the AD8206 exceeds the specified rating of the part at 65 V maximum when the bus voltage…

  • (AD8418A)Vout ≠ Vref

    Hi !

    I have a question about AD8418A.

    This is my test circuit.

    I measured the Output voltage but it is not Vref level.

    => I don't have AD8418A so I measured AD8418.

    Why this happens?

    Our customer said that  this won't happen when they…

  • 用AD8206做无刷电机相电流检测,很容易出现烧毁的情况!求解!



  • 关于AD8206标定和使用的几个问题





  • RE: AD8206 NC terminal

    Dear Anna

    Thank you very much for your answer.

    I'm clear



  • RE: AD8207 NC terminal

    Oh!  Sorry!

    I want to talk about AD8206.

    Could I change the title?



    I make the other discussion http://ez.analog.com/thread/42451 Please answer that.

  • Which is the best between AD8206 and AD8213?

    I'd like to measure the current of my resistive load (V=48Vdc, I=4A, Rload=12 ohm, Rshunt=0.04 ohm) and I'm thinking to use AD8206 or AD8213.

    I could use AD8213 because it allows to set the low-pass filter and it has the buffered output voltage…

  • (AD8206)Can you tell me the bias current when the VCM = 0V



    Thank you for your support everyday.

    I already asked about AD8418A and AD8207 bias current at the past session.

    (AD8418A)Vout ≠ Vref 

    (AD8207) Is the input bias current is matched? 


    Our customer are using AD8206 at the automotive application…

  • RE: (AD8206/AD8211)Why did you change the datasheet?

    Hello Kawa,

    Thank-you for the EZ contact. I don't support this particular product but I can put you in contact with the apps engineer who does. Please use the following email contact information for information about the AD8206: