• ad598


    AD598 Datasheet is recommend mylar(film) capacitor for C1, C2, C3 and C4.

    But We want to use MLCC(Ceramic Capacitor).

    (like this : https://kr.mouser.com/ProductDetail/AVX…

  • RE: I'm looking for a commercial vendor for AD598 based LVDT conditioners.  Any ideas?


       The AD598 is a complete LVDT signal conditioning system. You can ask questions here about AD598. There is a circuit note for the AD598 that you can use as you reference please refer to this link CN-0288.



  • Ask some questions about AD598


    I will use AD598 as a LVDT signal conditioning circuit, at the same time,I want to get VA and VB signal. As below picture,a buffer will be connected between VA,VB and the ADC.

    Is this solution effective?

    With no buffer,Can we use only an ADC to do…

  • RE: AD598 vs AD698 lvdt application differences


    You are correct in that the output of both parts, the AD598 and AD698, are the same but the parts are designed to work with different LVDT sensors.

    The AD598 is designed to work with a 5-wire LVDT which has a (A-B)/(A+B) transfer function.


  • RE: AD698 and external oscillator


    While I know this query is regarding the AD698, please view the AD598 data sheet.  On Page 10, there is an example of how to synchronize multiple LVDT signal conditioning devices.  The excitation circuit is identical between the AD598 and the AD698…

  • AD598 and Repeatability?

    Can I achieve >18 bits of repeatability at a 3KHz bandwidth with the AD598 in a 5 wire LVDT crk?  

  • RE: AD620 reference circuit



      Have you looked at the AD598 or AD698?  They are designed for LVDT interface.


  • RE: AD698


    The AD698 and AD598 operate in the same way as regards their oscillation generation circuitry.

    There is a very useful section in the AD598 data sheet "SYNCHRONOUS OPERATION OF MULTIPLE LVDTS" which explains how to synchronize multiple LVDTs and…

  • RE: AD598 Error or Tolerance


    As stated in note 2, the error includes only the errors of the AD598 itself.