• RE: Questions about the light Sensitivity of the AD8233 and AD5940 using the WLCSP package

    Apologies for the confusion but the answer on the post is in relation to WLCSP packages in general which includes the AD5940 and AD8233.

  • AD5940

    Is is possible to use the AD5940 to measure with Resistive MOX gaz sensors ?


  • RE: AD5940 for Impedance cardiography measurement application

    Dear Sir,

    1.Is it possible to use the AD5940 ASIC for Impedance cardiograhy. Our application is to measure Human throxic Impedance ranging from 0.1 -100 ohms using 4-wire electrode system. what is minimum impedance can be measured from AD5940.
    2.We want…

  • AD5940


    I have opened application note AN-1557 rev.0. on the page 18. and have found some not correct formulas.
    Also, I have a question about some parameters in this formulas. In the description you wrote about fext=100Hz but currently it's 120Hz. Could…

  • RE: AD5940-ELCZ Ampiometric Measurement without Over SPI without using AD5940 GPIO pins

    Hi Matthew,

    The recommended minimum connections from the AD5940 to the host MCU are:

    • 4 x SPI lines
    • Connect /RESET to GPIO on MCU
    • Connect GPIO0 to MCU to show generate interrupt 
    • Ground.

    Before configuring the AD5940, the host MCU should toggle the reset…

  • Voltage and current values measured by the AD5940?

    When measuring bioimpedance (4-wire BIA) with the AD5940 I get the impedance in Ohms. What are the actual voltage and current values measured by the AD5940?

  • RE: Impedance analysis options for Biomedical Application Suggestions


    The AD5940 will be best suited for your application... the ADuCM350 will work ok, but in case you go lower than 100Ohm you'll want the AD5940 in there.



  • Porting of examples on EVAL-CN0428-EBZ to AD5940 with ad5940lib


    I would like to use the AD5940 chip with a custom design in order to provide pH measures on water. To achieve this, I ported the ad5940lib  to our MCU to communicate with the chip through SPI and I successfully run the examples on the ad5940-exampl…

  • RE: AD9102 Interface to Low Noise Sensor

    Hi JMJ,

    Have you considered the AD5940 or ADuCM355? These devices were designed to cover impedance measurements up to 200kHz, it may just be what you need.



  • RE: Hello I am using the EVAL AD5940 ARDZ board along with EVALADICUP3209 with SensorPal as recommended in the UserGuide . I have a problem with the execution as SensorPal suggests an Error that reads "Measurement failed to start.Measurement Failed &

    There may be an issue with your board. The EVAL-AD5940ARDZ is no longer supported and the version of AD5940 silicon on it is not the latest. We support 2 evaluation boards for the AD5940, EVAL-AD5940BIOZ for bio-electric measurements and EVAL-AD5940ELCZ…