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Attention Users:

LTspice is the preferred SPICE simulator of Analog Devices.

We will be sunsetting ADIsimPE, effective September 26, 2019.

Unlike ADIsimPE, LTspice does not support SIMPLIS models.  If you need SIMPLIS simulation capability, we recommend purchasing SIMetrix/SIMPLIS from

ADIsimPE- Personal Edition is a Free simulator distributed by Analog Devices.
It runs on the SIMetrix/SIMPLIS platform and includes an extensive library of Analog Devices components.

The simulator is ideal for mixed-signal simulation having the capability to support both SPICE and SIMPLIS simulation modes.

ADIsimPower tools are designed to export simulatable files ready to use in ADIsimPE, no need to be an expert in simulating power circuits.

This forum is a community used for supporting the use of ADIsimPE and its ADIsimPower integration.
To install ADIsimPE follow the link at


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