This forum is intended to provide help for customers looking at the Energy Monitoring and Metering parts. The majority of these parts start with ADE in the part number.

Technical Support Guidelines

  • Take a look through the Key Documents section to the right, for the part number you are working with. Here you will find both a data sheet and calibration application note for each part.
    • In the data sheet, search for the particular feature you have a question about to get more details on how it is intended to function.
    • The calibration application note will explain in detail how to setup the part to translate the raw register value to real world values such as Volts, Amps and Watts.
  • In the “Ask Energy Monitoring and Metering” tile below, start typing your question making sure to include what feature isn’t working and the part number. Chances are someone has asked the same or similar question which can give a lot of valuable information quickly.
  • If the question is still unanswered, when posting the question make sure to include the following:
    • The part number
    • Steps/conditions to recreate the issue.
    • Register values related to the issue (raw register values are preferred).
    • Input voltage and current range along with sensor type and value.
    • If calibration is the problem, provide details of the calibration equipment (for method refer to the Calibration documents)
    • The schematic and layout of the board being used.
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