In our last blog, we walked you through the new look of EngineerZone (EZ), offered some helpful tips, and showed you what you could expect as a new or returning EZ user. One tip, in particular, was how to receive and customize email notifications. While we did touch upon this topic, we are certain most EZ users could always use a more in-depth understanding to get the most of their EZ experience.

Let Us Be Your Settings Guide

As we help you customize your notifications, we will be taking a stroll through your profile settings together.

To begin please navigate to your profile avatar, located in the top right of your screen.

Click on SETTINGS.

If you pay attention to only one step in this blog, PAY ATTENTION NOW!

Once you click on settings, you will be brought to the "Options" section. Here you have the option to opt in or opt out of email notifications by checking the box, "Enable Email Contact." In keeping with the General Data Privacy Regulations (GDPR) Policy, we set the default option to opt out of email notifications for every EZ user .

By choosing to opt into emails, you will begin to receive emails for all applications you are subscribed to, activity within your network, and content you have posted.

For more information, take a look at the Turn on Email Notifications help document.

If you choose to opt out of email notifications, it is important to know where your notifications are located. In the top right corner of your screen, near your avatar, is a lightning bolt symbol. This is where your notifications are. There may be an orange number within this lightning bolt. This number indicates the number of un-reviewed notifications.

To clear out your notifications, you can either 1) click on the check mark next to each notification or 2) at the top of the lightning bolt hover over the gray bar and click on the check mark that appears. This will clear out multiple notifications at once.

Customizing Email Notifications

So let's get back to our journey through Profile Settings and learn how to customize the email notifications you will be receiving.

Once you turn on email notifications, you need to double check what type of notifications you will be receiving. Please navigate to the "Notifications" tab within the settings menu.

In case you have already tinkered with the default settings for notifications, below is the default notification settings for all users. These are the recommended settings to send you notifications for interactions with content you write, activity in areas, content, and conversations you subscribe to and invitations to private groups.

If you make any changes, make sure to CLICK SAVE afterward.

You can also refer to the Customizing Email Notifications help document to learn how to decrease or maximize the type of emails you receive.

Managing Subscriptions


Now that you have customized your notifications, you may still find you are receiving emails from content, groups, or people you would rather not receive. All you have to do is unsubscribe!

Stay with me here, we are almost done

To unsubscribe from the email notifications you are receiving. Navigate from the "Notifications" tab to the "Subscriptions" tab in settings. 

You can also check out the Unsubscribing From Notifications help document to remove these unwanted notifications.


Now you may be wondering, how do I even subscribe to something? And what can I subscribe to? Outlined in the Different Ways to Subscribe help document, you can find the various options. 

We have now completed our tour of the profile settings for email notifications. Please don't forget to tip your tour guide!

Whenever you may have a question regarding EZ, the best "go to" resource is the "How to Use EngineerZone" group. We suggest all users to bookmark this group in case any questions come up. The group hosts a library of helpful topics. Within the help documents of the How to Use EngineerZone group is a section titled, "Following & Managing Notifications". In this section, you will find help documents specifically related to the notifications you will receive from EZ.