You've probably heard of the saying... April showers bring May flowers. In EngineerZone, did April questions bring timely solutions? Many of our forums suggest that they did.

Our support forums are blooming with questions and answers from the past month. This is in part because of a great team of ADI experts working together to successfully help customers get answers to their most important questions. A big thank you goes to the ADI employees below.

Member Shout-out

This month, I'd like to acknowledge another set of hardworking ADI employees that have been answering questions and providing solutions in EngineerZone.

 has contributed with great enthusiasm in the Design Tools and Calculators forum. Throughout the years, Anne has demonstrated that she is not only dedicated to providing excellent support as a Software Development Engineer, but she is a team player always working with other forum managers to help achieve a common goal. This recent question about LTspice involved multiple team members coming together to provide a timely solution within our two day SLA. 

 nominated by  for our Super User program, because of his swift responses without sacrificing quality on several forums, including the Design Tools and Calculators. In this recent question about the filter design tool provided a suggestion that led to a verified answer. As you can see from the thread, multiple ADI employees (shout-out to  and ) jumped on the opportunity to help provide timely support.

 was nominated as a Super User by  due to his excellent and timely solutions in the Video forum. His enthusiastic and thorough responses do not go unnoticed as they have provided multiple solutions to customers. Not only has he provided great customer service, but he is the author of two of our most viewed documents about HDMI Layout and Advanced EDID Editor. Bravo!

Thanks to all of you! It is excellent to see this level of support in the Design Center and Applications forums.

Top Viewed Blog Post in April

EngineerZone's most viewed blog is March 2021: Spring Into EngineerZone's Top Topics. We're off to a strong start this spring with our EZ Spotlight blogs.

Top 10 Viewed Blogs

  1. March 2021: Spring Into EngineerZone's Top Topics
  2. ADC Full Scale Input Power
  3. 8 Ways to Access Standards (Maybe Even for Free)
  4. Diagnostics: Are They Worth the Effort?
  5. Functional Safety and Artificial Intelligence
  6. Memories That Disappear Into a Hayes
  7. The Importance of Time
  8. Automotive vs Industrial Functional Safety
  9. Low, High & Continuous Mode Safety Functions
  10. Software Tools: It's as Easy as T1, T2, T3

Top Viewed Technical Document

We know how popular the HDMI Layout and Advanced EDID Editor documents are in the Video forum. This month, we've noticed that FAQs about the Gyroscope Angle Random Walk is gaining traction in the MEMS Inertial Sensors forum. 

Top 5 Forums

Our most active groups by activity:

  1. Power by Linear
  2. High-Speed ADCs
  3. Precision ADCs
  4. RF and Microwave
  5. Linux Software Drivers

Top 5 Solutions

When it comes to the top solutions in EngineerZone last month, it's clear that the value provided in the LTspice responses are still getting a lot of traction.

  1. End of Life for Blackfin Linux
  2. LTSpice - Can't find definition of model 
  3. LTSpice XVII: Imported TI LM741 Op-Amp model; Transient Analysis "Shunt: Missing node(s)" error
  4. S-Parameter to LTspice
  5. LTspice diode model analysis 

Most Downloaded Webcast Presentation

This 3/30/21 webcast about the integration process of intermittent renewable energy sources received the most amount of views in the past month. Along with the presentation file, you can find related questions that led to verified answers.

Upcoming Webinars

 5/13/21 Active Noise Cancellation Technology for Wireless Headphones

Do you have a question about this webinar and ADIs existing portfolio of active noise cancelling technology? Go ahead and ask a question in the forum and don't forget to register!

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